Our repair team travels anywhere in Canada, US and around the


AOG Support

437 – 989 – 1970

VMO Aerospace is your one-stop worry free solution to your aircraft repair needs. We have the skilled technicians needed to carry out the repairs to get your aircraft back in the sky as soon as possible, in an airworthy and safe condition.

Any type of metal repairs, including titanium, aluminum, and steel

Fiberglass, kevlar, honeycomb core, mesh pre-preg fabrics, aerospace adhesives

Aerospace paint and primers, registration change, decal application, component repaint. Large in-house paint booth, or on-site portable booth constructed at your location with full filter ventilation system, portability saving time and money, no overspray, smells or disruption to operation.

Transport Canada certified eddy current, LPI, MPI, ultrasonic or radiographic inspections

Removal, replace and testing

Specialized metal treatments

Hi-lo temperature molds for composite repairs

Custom paint systems, design/logo, etc. access to all top aviation coating manufacturers and designers

Transport Canada certified welding

Portable system application for metal bond and composite curing repairs on site

Specialized paint application

Transport Canada certified DAR / Engineering services

Project Management, selection, recovery and repair as required

Labour support, all positions, direct or contract

Shaping, contouring, and metal forming

Logistic support to/from your facility of desired location (National or International)

Experienced professionals, worry-free project management

Specialized to individual requirements

Initial visual perspective mock ups, low-cost fabrication and duplication

Project Research & Development, ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Vast supply of all aircraft parts, specializing in 727/737 stocked items, Source and procurement as required.